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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  April 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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anticipation for the san francisco giants to see if they can make it to the world series again. welcome to the four on 2. we'll get to the opening day in a minute. first a developing story in san francisco tonight. police shot and killed a man wielding a knife. >> henry lee arrived at the shooting scene shortly after the altercation and is joining us live from san francisco. what can you tell us about this investigation? >> reporter: san francisco police tell us they had no choice but to open fire and use deadly force on a homeless man because he was armed with a knife. this after he charged after him. the man's name is luis and lived in a tent half a block down and spoke little english. at 10:00 outreach homeless team came to help out with the homeless and encountered him. he was armed with a large kitchen knife. it was a 12-inch blade. they called the police.
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when officers arrived he confronted them with this knife. and officers used deadly force. one sergeant was involved. another was an officer. they fired seven shots total. this man was take on the san francisco general hospital where he died several hours later. we spoke to san francisco police chief and a witness about what happened. here's what they had to say. >> we had been working, very hard to figure out ways to contend folks with edged weapons or other weapons trying to create time and distance. apparently this event unfolded quickly. we'll be looking to find out why it had to go just as it did. >> i'm conflicted. i understand they have a very difficult job. but a psycho with a knife should not be a death sentence. >> reporter: this is a first fatal officer-involved shooting in san francisco since the
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december shooting of mario woods. he too was armed with a knife when he was shot and killed. this continues the on going debate on whether san francisco officers should be armed with tasers. >> since it is the first shooting, officer-involved shooting since the mario woods case did police say anything about how they handled this case? did they spend more time using less than lethal force option? do we know if any procedures have changed? >> reporter: they say they encourage officers to use time and distance. to make sure they have enough distance between themselves and the person with the knife. in this case they are saying they fired bean bag rounds after louis charged them with a knife. there was no effect. they had little choice but to resort to guns. critics are saying had these officers had tasers theout come would have been different. >> that is a question we don't know. they used what they had.
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thank you. two marin county schools went into lock down after a man was spotted with a rifle at a nearby medical office. the schools on sir francis drake boulevard were locked down about noon as authorities investigated the armed man on bonn air road in green bay. turns out the man with the rifle was an employee carrying a b b gun. authorities determined he was not a threat. they lifted the lock down on the schools. no one was hurt. concorde police arrested a dental assistant suspected of molesting a young patient. officers say the 24-year-old of antioch touched a teenager girl inappropriately and took indecent photos of her. he worked on sierra road. he worked at three other dental offices in the area before he started at that particular clinic in march of last year. he was booked into the martinez
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detention facility. he is held on $8.1 million bail. major strike at all 23 california state university campuses has been postponed. faculty members were threatening to protest over a pay dispute. an hour ago the sides reached a tentative agreement. faculty demanded 5% salary hike. university was offering 2% saying it could not afford more. stolen scooter donated to charity is back with its rightful owner. san francisco police wielded into at&t park this morning the giant's outfielder donated it to the make-a-wish foundation for a charity auction. make-a-wish was keeping it for the winning bidder when burglars broke in and stole it along with eight ipads. the owner is grateful it was recovered. >> it was a gift for my mother. she knows i love the giants. ware big supporters of make-a- wish. perfect marriage of a gift for
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me. i'm so glad we got it back. i thank the san francisco police department for finding it. we get to enjoy it properly at home now. >> giants and the mayor's donated replacement ipads to make-a-wish. evidence recovered at the scene helped solve this case. three people have been arrested. giants fans at at&t park filled it and the game isunderway. giants won the world series the last three even numbered years. there are certainly high hopes for this 2016 season. >> terra is outside of the baseball park. there is no game like the first game and no game like the one against the dodgers. >> reporter: for the first half of the game it was dead silence. we were in the van outside of the stadium. we knew the news wasn't good. all of a sudden we started hearing the roar of the crowd
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giants up 7-4. completely turned around the mood inside. we are across the street. people are still in the game. they don't want to miss it. over here, how are you doing? >> we are doing really good. how about you? >> giants all day every day baby. we were losing in the first half. now we are winning. 7-4. >> reporter: what do you think about opening day? what is it like? >> one thing together we are giant! giant! >> one time for giant rose baby. we'll do it. it is an even year. we don't care. we'll go for the giants! the giants! >> reporter: i want to show you the people dressed up in orange and black. some people didn't want to be seen because they called in sick today. most mart people took a vacation day. you can see there is a lot of cocktails flowing inside.
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everybody is watching the game. appetizers are flowing. are you excited about opening day? >> oh yeah, it is the best. >> reporter: did you take the day off work? >> i did. >> reporter: did your boss know? >> my boss does know. >> reporter: well he does now. does now. the mood here is changed from when we were losing. you'll see a lot of part partyers around the city. >> do you know any fans that don't want to talk about the even number years to see how it goes? >> reporter: oh no we decided they are winning this year. it is just not a question. there is a lot of superstition, too. i always wear this shirt on opening day. and i had do it again. we know that this is going to be the giant's year.
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2016, even year. they have it. they have it in the bag. >> really quickly, have you seen any dodgers fans out there? how are the giants fans greeting them? >> reporter: giants fans have been great to the dodgers fans. they said earlier they ripped them good heartedly and all of that. they do say it is all for the love of baseball. everybody is friends with each other today. back to you. >> that's good news. 7-4 so far. some children are reluctant or afraid to read. we are asking our expert at common sense media how can you help your child become a reader even if they don't want to? a big drop off in temperatures today. we had higher and lower clouds. gusty winds are making a comeback. bigger changes in your friday forecast. we could be talking about rain showers. we'll update the forecast after the break. you saw the flag there. is your one stop shop
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for opening day. we are blogging live from the same and have a survival guide for your fans heading to at&t park. not just today but you have to think about the entire season. go to and stop by to check out the latest from the ballpark. let's look now live along i-680 and north out of the south bay. commute direction looks like it is heavy going north. if you are heading in that direction give yourself some more time. fill your family of four up, with eight pieces of delicious original recipe chicken and sides. it's a meal that's freshly prepared every day. court adjourned! colonel quality, guaranteed. this one?e is our best side? that one? you know what? actually, our best side is this one... ...our heart. because only an airline with a heart would give you great deals like this... now you can fly for as low as 69 dollars one-way.
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when you think of the role media plays in your life you might not picture books. they are a rm of media and can play a key role in your child's life. every thursday we sit down with common sense media. today we are talking about how to raise a reader. with us is the parenting editor caroline north. reading, i think of it as not necessarily a one-size-fits- all. i have children who embrace it and want every book out there. reading is different for different children. >> absolutely. now days you are seeing kids reading at three. then you have kids who don't like it at all. a lot of times kids who don't like it struggle with reading. they may be dyslexic or a slow reader. >> maybe reading in class they
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are embarrassed because they are not as good as their classmates. >> the reading rate for pleasure have gone down. brandon, tweens up to 12 celebrate for pleasure more often. often. it prepares you for all subjects when school starts again. you lose less of the summer slide. >> let's talk about raising a reader from the jump when they are little. how do we raise children that will grow up to be readers? >> read to them. it is so important. also model reading. be a reader. have a lot of reading material around the house. a lot of different types of stuff. it is really great for kids to be introduced to all kinds of vocabulary and reading formats. keep it around the house.
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books, magazines, e books. parents are very confused about whether or not ebooks are screen time. we say yes. as long as kids reading. that's a great way to entice a reluctant reader if they'll getmultimedia effects with their story. >> you are trying to raise a reader, have the books at home. model the behavior. what about the readers that would rather do something else? >> it is interesting because we are also seeing a lot of books at common sense media with dyslexic main characters. even the percy jackson series, which is a super popular series, it is a challenging read. it has a hero who has challenges with reading. something that draws kids in. they relate to those struggles. there is a great new series by henry winkler, the fonz who is
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dyslexic. it is four kids with a dyslexic hero. it has interesting formats. larger type and a narrower page so kids read easier if struggle with reading. >> finding books that targets what they are feeling and what they think about reading. >> it is important as they get in the tween and teen years. they want a relatable hero. >> how do you do it with siblings. one might be an avid reader the other is reluctant. how do you mix the two? >> that is a great point. you can have the kids trade off reading. a lot of times kids who have that skill of reading will happily read to their sibling. don't set it up as a competition but set it up as something your family enjoys reading aloud. it is a great family experience to have that. celebrate it instead of going
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you are not as good of a reader. let your kids chose their books. reward the kids for the level and their interest and wanting and their curiosity in wanting to read. >> good ideas to think about when you want to raise a reader. thank you. >> thank you. >> let's talk weather. still another beautiful day. maybe not as warm as yesterday. but not too bad. >> knotted not too bad. looking live at at&t park as you can see with the festivities happening today. definitely a breeze with the sun cloud mix. it is not a bad day. today big time cooling out there. look at santa rosa 24 degrees cooler than where they were yesterday at this time. napa 21 degrees cooler in the 4:00 hour on wednesday. everything across the entire area is cooling off because we
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have more clouds and an onshore breeze. the high pressure that warms us up is moving out of town. you can see the circulation towards southern california generating rain showers closer to los angeles approaching vista county. we'll have the clouds in place. eventually we are talking about rain showers. especially by this time tomorrow for parts of the bay area. current numbers out there still showing you 60s and 70s. san francisco 60 degrees. for reference san francisco 10:00 p.m. last night was 77 degrees. san francisco right now at 4:00 this afternoon 60. santa rosa 64. mid 70s towards livermore and mountain view. here's our live camera across the bay. we have fog making a comeback. lower clouds in place in addition to the high clouds. you can see chop on the bay waters. that's a good sign of an onshore breeze in the forecast tonight. partly cloudy tonight. we'll track showers friday and saturday and next week. we are not talking about any
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major heat waves. more clouds and temperatures on the cooler side. first thing tomorrow morning lots of 50s out there. santa rosa 53. san jose 56. livermore 55. we are looking here at this area of low pressure to our south and west generating the rainfall in southern california. for us, friday, definitely some clouds. we'll bring in a chance of showers later in the day for the afternoon. i'm thinking a better bet into friday night. showers likely for saturday for the morning hours. it is not going to be a wide- spread event. we could be talking about amounts through the weekend a quarter of an inch to possibly a half an inch. it will be more than a few sprinkles out there. tomorrow morning 9:00 a.m. you can see development later in the day by 4:00 or 5:00. main focus is in the east bay and south bay. it moves to the bay area. tomorrow for the giants evening game we could have the chance of showers. there will be clouds. we'll take this into saturday.
4:19 pm
it is not wide-spread rain. still scattered showers through the day on saturday. definitely some clouds and cooler temperatures. forecast highs for tomorrow no more 90s. no more 80s. not even much in the way of 70s. san jose will go 70. santa cruz 66. giants game tomorrow we'll bring in more clouds and the possibility of scattered showers. showers. five-day forecast with more off and on and on
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there were strong words today from a military official who told lawmakers on capitol hill that the u.s. is no longer in a position to fully defend the nation. >> jennifer griffin is at the pentagon with the latest the islamic station poses here and abroad. >> reporter: pentagon is reporting progress against isis overseas. iraqi troops entering the center of the town which sits on a supply line for isis to bring in fighters from syria u.s.-led coalition airstrikes hitting a number of the terror groups media kiosks in motel. >> they use kiosks to force citizens to watch brutal execution videos. >> reporter: isis is a problem
4:24 pm
in libya where isis militants will have airstrikes once the government the fully functioning. the number of islamic fighters is on the rise. >> u.s. intelligence community said it is around 4,000 to 6,000. it is probably about doubled in the last 12 to 18 months. >> reporter: facing isis may become increasingly difficult with the army chief of staff telling senate armed services committee budget cuts left u.s. forces unable to defend the nation. as the threat of isis spreads from the middle east to north africa. >> i characterize this at high military risk. >> reporter: even so the military may open more bases in iraq as the fight to recapture mozel goes on. jennifer griffin fox news. more fall out from the
4:25 pm
panama papers. it leaked world leaders and celebrities to offshore accounts that helped them avoid taxes. >> today the union is calling the findings immoral and unacceptable. clients hide their assets offshore. european union is promising an aggressive investigation now to identify the violators. u.s. treasury department is set to launch a new crack down on banks to confirm the identities of their offshore clients. >> it will allow the international community and the united states to do thing like fight corruption. to crack down individuals who avoid paying their fair share in tax. >> reporter: world leaders aredefending their country against the leak. panama says it is not a problem with his country be many countries around the world. they were given a couple
4:26 pm
years to live. instead they survived for decades. decades. it is against the law to use your cell phone while driving. let's be honest. we see it every single day. now the chp is cracking down. there is a new zero tolerance operation happening today. we'll tell you about it. four on 2 will be right back.
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tens of thousands of people in san francisco outlived the aids epidemic of the 1980's. for more than a year a team of journalists and film makers documented what life is like for these survivors. it is called the last men standing. >> this friday the documentary film premiers at the castro theater in san francisco. a neighborhood that was ground zero during the aids crisis. today on the four by 4 we are talking to a long time survivor and film makers about the important project. >> with us now are erin and tim who wrote, produced and directed the film last men standing. also a long time survivor and man featured in the film.
4:30 pm
take us back through the decades. not so much medically but what it was like socially living with aids and how it has changed up until now in 2016. or maybe the social acceptance hasn't changed. >> if anything remembering those days we expected to die almost immediately. the guy that passed me hiv he died one year later. to live with that fear that you'll die day after day, you may live eight years. you may live 20. here we are 30 years later. >> i thought one of the most touching moments in the film was when one man said you got your life back. but i'm not sure that i wanted it. that's because this film is about people who are aging with hiv and how the system is not about helping them at this point into senior citizenship.
4:31 pm
what was the most surprising thing making the film for you when it came to that and statistics saying more people in their 50s have hiv? >> it was a surprise to me to start to understand that these people did survive and they battled the disease and did whatever they could. even at that point they weren't sure they wanted their life back. some had dealt with so much loss and so much death they didn't know how to move on. with such resilience a lot have been able to. i find that personally to be amazing. >> why tell this story today, 2016, why tell it here in san francisco? >> i think because this is a generation of people that really needs help. also, it is a really important story now because it is such a san francisco story, too. this is a really particular thing that affected our area
4:32 pm
and it is really important for us to tell these survivor stories. >> it is so important because 6,000 people live with hiv for more than 20 years. you are one of them. you lived with it more than 30 years. it is important to know even though there are drug cocktails that are keeping people alive, it is not all that easy. you still have health issues. there is a lot to go through still health-wise. >> exactly. this is important that you are mentioning. it is not only the physical aspects but the mental aspects. there is so much anxiety and nightmares excetera to live with this. imagine that you have been told not once but a few times you are going to die. to live with that is very, very difficult. besides that yes, we have so many morbidities and diseases we are living with. it is not easy. sadly even in those times we
4:33 pm
think everything is fine, for us long time survivors is not easy. >> it is really not easy. the film shows that. not many people that had hiv planned for living long. they thought they cashed in their insurance policies because they want to live well in the short term. now people are facing that financial problem. >> yes. not only we were not prepared to grow older but society is not ready for us. hopefully this will help pull in services. we need them very much. one important thing to all the survivors. we are not alone. the your story. find a way to tell your story. >> when people see this film
4:34 pm
what do you want them to walk away with? what will they learn? >> it was amazing to be let into their lives. a lot of these people have such interesting stories and lived through so much hardship that i have not gotten close to experiencing. to hear them tell their stories and to have the honor of being able to record it on film and tell that story to a larger audience has been an interesting experience for me. i hope people take away awareness of what they went through and what they are going through. how they might be able to use resources and documenting history. a very important piece of the bay area. >> moving forward what does the city need to focus on? resources are simply not there. it is about prevention and looking for a possible cure. for the thousands of people like you that are living with this and getting older, what does the city need to do now to
4:35 pm
help? >> first, we definitely, about 60% of the population in san francisco is over 50 years old. we have not only the issues with hiv but hiv and growing older. most of all we were not prepared to be here. we were supposed to be dead. again, many people spent their money with credit cards and everything. we didn't have resources to grow old like other people do. >> how did you do it? you survived. you are thriving the living. how did you make it through those times? >> i always ask the question, why me? why am i here? and the person that infected me die one year later? we don't have those answers. but all the while we can say they are here. we are not only survivors but
4:36 pm
surviving still. we are still going on. going on. >> one of the guys we are interviewed he asked the question am i lucky one or unluckiest lucky person to survive this. one of the men we worked with passed away during this project. it is still a real thing for these guys going through this. >> i read that. that was peter green 61 years old. he said i am the luckiest unlucky person in the world. >> very powerful. thank you very much for coming. really appreciate it. >> thank you. we also have links to the documentary website on we posted a link to facebook on long term survivor's group. you can go and find the information including when you can try the documentary for yourself. chp, did you notice them today out in full force with
4:37 pm
one message? put that phone down while you are driving or you'll have to pay the price. stepped up enforcement on bay area freeways is happening now. let's take a live look now at the weather. we have lots of low clouds and fog out there. high clouds, as well. big cool down across the bay area. eventually we are talking about rain showers. we'll update the forecast coming up. coming up. live look at i-880 in oakland. things are slowing down. northbound on the right next to the arena and the oakland coliseum southbound on the left. not too bad out there.
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golden state warrior are going for number 70. tonight they face the san antonio spurs. there is talk about the strategies each team is using. >> jason is live inside the oakland arena. let's talk strategies. >> reporter: they are playing the spurs. when you talk strategy you have to talk about greg popovich. nobody knows what the head coach of the spurs will do in terms of playing guys and many minutes he'll play them. everybody may be in the lineup. they have not released the lineup. it is too early. most of the team is not on the court yet. we have not seen the spurs.
4:41 pm
only player for warriors is james michael. a lot at stake tonight. they can clinch the best record in home court advantage through the playoffs with a win. they can get their 70th win. they would be the second team ever to do that. they would avoid their first two-game losing streak if they beat the spurs tonight. we'll look at practice earlier. steven admits they are fatigues. they'll either go 4-0 down the stretch. beat spurs twice. beat memphis twice and they'll hit 73 wins. 45 turnovers and last two losses at home. kerr was asked earlier how this team is approaching the stretch run. >> trying to balance the grind with the record and all that stuff. it hasn't been easy. that's obvious. >> the challenge we accept.
4:42 pm
it gets tiring. that's what makes it a tough thing to do. hopefully we'll get moving on. >> we want to get to the playoffs. it is human nature to kind of go through the motions in some of these game . >> we want to give our guys rest. we want to be sharp as possible before april 16th. >> reporter: april 16th is when the playoffs begin. there are three teams vying for the 8th seed. april 16th everybody is geared up. four games left for golden state warriors in the regular season. tonight is unique. it is the first time in the regular season in history that two teams with 65 wins, at least 65 wins are squaring off against each other. two fantastic teams playing tonight. it will be interesting to see if greg popovich will play all
4:43 pm
his guys or rest some. we'll see later on. >> two best teams in the nba. what a game that will be tonight. we know you'll be there for us. thank you very much. mark got a one-on-one sit down with steph curry. you can watch it on sports wrap this sunday at 11:00. after a 2-1 start on the road to begin the season giants hosting l.a. dodgers for home opener at&t park. bottom of the 8th with giants leading 8-6. hunter pence turned on a fastball and hit a towering shot out to left for a grand slam homer. making the score 12-6 giants. giants earlier broken dodgers 31-3rd scoreless inning straight. score is 12-6 top of the 9th. great day for a baseball game. mark is live in the weather center. >> big time cooling with
4:44 pm
varying temperatures. last night we had 80s. now just 60s and 70s. we have haze paying us a visit. we have partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy skies. lower clouds and higher clouds. you can see clouds. typically we are talking about clouds moving in from the north. this afternoon they are moving in from the south. area of low pressure towards southern california generating rainfall closer to los angeles. the rain line will be approaching the bay area over the next 24-hours. you can see some of the activity approaching central coast of the south side. more clouds in the bay area. we'll be talking about rain showers as well. not today. the big change was the temperature. yesterday santa rosa 24 degrees cooler compared to 4:00 on wednesday. san jose ten degrees cooler. oakland airport 12 degrees cooler. 70s towards fremont. san jose 76. san francisco and half-moon bay
4:45 pm
in the upper 50s. santa rosa last check reporting 64. big change also the wind. we have more of an on shore wind. fair field sustained at 24. more wind reports a breeze with winds 10 to 20 miles per hour out towards sfo. winds southwest checking in 17. life camera towards san francisco bay mostly cloudy skies. you can see chop on the bay waters. we are taking a look at our rainfall maps. these numbers will change quite a bit. this is to give you an idea we are not talking about sprinkles. rain showers could be developingacross the bay area this time tomorrow in the south bay and east bay. the numbers will be adding up possibly into saturday. it is not going to be wide- spread, prolonged heavy rain. still we could have occasional downpours and the possibility of thunderstorms as well. forecast lows will be in the 50s. that does include san francisco. 7:00 a.m. mostly cloudy skies. mid 50s. still you can see the clouds streaming in from the south.
4:46 pm
by 12:00 60 degrees. we'll bring in a chance of a few showers 6:00 to 7:00 tomorrow evening. here's the main culprit. friday we'll bring in chance of showers later in the day. better bet friday night. unsettled saturday. scattered showers for your saturday forecast, as well. here we go. we'll take this into your friday. you can see development. this is for the afternoon hours. by 4:00 on the south bay and east bay. rotating through the bay area by 9:00 friday. then into saturday morning the main focus could be up in the north bay and possibly more development once again in the south bay later in the day on saturday. then on sunday we still have to hold on to the chance of a few isolated showers. definitely lots of clouds through the weekend. forecast highs for tomorrow. 60s. warmest locations will be approaching lower 70s towards san jose, morgan hill and
4:47 pm
gilroy. a look ahead. your seven-day forecast we'll cool off over the next few days. keep the umbrella on stand by friday night into saturday morning. more clouds next week with make a light shower into tuesday of next week. a dramatic change in the weather pattern. it has been anything but gradual. sharp drop in temperatures today. we could be dodging rain downpours by this time tomorrow in the south bay. we'll keep an eye on the radar and update you over the next few days. >> mark, those cooler temperatures coming in the nick of time. we are looking forward it to. >> refreshing. >> thank you. frank is live in the news room with a look for ktvu fox news at 5:00. a story we have been following all day long. children molested in a dental office. >> this is the man who is accused of sedating and molesting an 8-year-old child inside a dental office. there may be more victims. tonight this man is in custody. police say it is all because of the courage of the young
4:48 pm
victim. >> tonight we are working on a story. there is a new crime wave at stanford. >> here's what is going on on the campus. over the past few months nearly 100 laptops have been stolen. recently the situation has gotten worse. justin gary went to the stanford campus today. we'll hear what he learned about the thefts and if they are all connected. >> thank you. we'll see you coming up at 5:00. "mornings on 2" continues after this break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪
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one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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april is distracted driving awareness month. for the first time the chp is increasing patrols and targeting drivers using their cell phones while driving. they are ticketing them. there are no exceptions. today is one of those zero
4:51 pm
tolerance days. joining us now to talk about this is officer john with the california highway patrol. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> i wanted to talk about this. most people think distracted driving is only just texting. it is more than that, range ? >> we have seen people apply make-up looking at themselves in the mirror or reading magazines or books. i have seen somebody trying to do their taxes on their laptop driving down the road. >> if you are having a conversation with someone and it gets too out of control and you are into it that's distracting. >> absolutely. >> even using the navigation systems. and you are in your computer maybe look up and down up and down. that can be distracting. >> absolutely. we just recommend that they have a voice feature on there that they just listen to the audio to guide them to where
4:52 pm
they need to go. they should not be looking down at the phone opposed to being focused on the roadway itself. >> you can be stopped for that. i want to be clear so everybody knows. you can be stopped for looking at your gps too long. >> absolutely. >> if you look down, this is an interesting stat, if you look down for five seconds going 55 you travel an entire length of a football field. >> absolutely. 65 miles per hour you are traveling well over 90 feet per second. if you were to look at your phone on average it takes five seconds, 450 feet have lapsed as you have driven essentially blindfolded. >> we know this is a big problem. you are doing something new. this is zero tolerance. you are ticketing today. you are not giving warnings. >> today and the 20th of this month are zero tolerance days. we are issues citations not verbal warnings.
4:53 pm
>> prices add up quickly. >> absolutely. after all the court assessments and surcharges and the fine you are looking at $161-some-odd dollars. >> you have to go through the hassle and the points and court. it is really not worth it. let's talk about the problems this causes. we are talking injuries, fatalities and it mostly affects people in their 20s. it is serious. you are in your 20s getting into accidents. >> we are looking at everybody. anyone driving distracted has the potential to kill other motorists. we ask people to focus on the road. if your phone goes off or you are doing something you should not be doing it is better to stop and realize your responsibility is to focus on the road and drive safely. >> tell us the weirdest thing you have seen when it comes to
4:54 pm
being distracted. you have seen everything. >> weirdest thing i have seen was a lady applying make-up for five or six minutes while i had my red overhead enforcement lights going and siren going. she didn't even realize i was behind her with the lights and sirens. she was so focused on applying make-up. not only did she receive a citation, but it defeated the purpose. by the time i got up there the make-up is cascading down her. she had bat wings. it was horrible. >> thank you for coming in. zero tolerance starts today all month long. thank you very much. video is hard to watch. a 12-year-old taken down by a school officer. look at that. the reason the school says that officer stepped in and why that girl says the officer was mistaken when four on 2 continues.
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. a police officer is on paid leave after cell phone video shows them during a 12-year-old student to the ground. take a look. >> vanessa, are you okay? >> this happened at a middle
4:58 pm
school in san antonio last tuesday. two girls are arguing without officer intervened. the student has caused trouble at the school before but she was not fighting at the time. >> i wanted to go somewhere we could talk and i was going out her. >> i wanted answers i contacted the price of the pool. -- the vice principal. officer. he did what he had to do at the moment. >> she was suspended after that incident. her mother said she has not gone back to school since then and the family is considering legal action. >> caltrans said the work will begin tomorrow to take down a section of the eastern span of the bay bridge per the work will be similar to a large trust back in february. 504 feet long this weekend crews will use cranes to lower the section on the barges and move it to the port of oakland
4:59 pm
to be taken apart. the work is scheduled for friday and saturday list expected to take 12 to 14 hours each day. the bike path will be closed to the public on both of those days. let's turn it over now to -- for fox news at 5 pm. >> and homeless man with a knife the shot and killed by police in san francisco. stir the shooting comes as a department is facing criticism over use of force tactics. they took every precaution they could. a good evening everyone i am frank somerville >> and i am and for julie. i am keba arnold. >> a shooting today when the police department is under investigation for use of force. we are live with more on this.
5:00 pm
henry? >>reporter: san francisco police said they had no force -- choice but to use deadly force on a homeless man. he charged at them after being shocked with being backs. the shooting happened at 10 pm and this district -- police say homeless outreach team came in was visiting a homeless encampment they came across a man who they say is named louise. he was holding a large knife that had a 12 inch blade so the homeless team call police. they arrived at they were confronted by this man. they fired beanbag rounds that had no effect and a sergeant and an officer fired seven rounds. he was taken to san francisco general hospital where he died several hours later. this comes when mario was with a shot and killed in the bayview area in december. he was armed with a knife. we talked about this